International Applicants

Qualifications for Application
1. Students of foreign nationality; neither overseas Chinese nor R.O.C. nationals are eligible for application.
2. International students who had the R.O.C. nationality and have relinquished their nationality of R.O.C., with a lapse of at least eight years since the revoking of the R.O.C. nationality by Ministry of the Interior.
3. Students graduated from the senior high school in R.O.C. should not apply the Bachelor’s DegreeProgram.

Required Documents and Regulations for Application
1. Application Form
2. Declaration: sign of the application form
3. Photocopied Graduation Diploma/Certificate
4. Academic Transcript/Marks Sheet
5. Health Certificate (see the standard form under Admission of School English website): HIV test is a required item. If found HIV positive after enrollment, then your acceptance will be revoked
6. Two Recommendation Letters in a sealed envelope with chop or signature outside
7. Financial Statement of personal savings (or balance statement from the bank)
8. Autobiography: at least one page in Word to introduce yourself
9. SPM or STPM Transcript (for Malaysia Senior High School Only)
10. TOEFL(450) / TOEIC(550) / IELTS(4.0) Score Report
11. Other Certificates or Documents
12. A photocopy of the original official diploma (its Chinese or English version which has been
certified with a seal-stamp by a Taiwan representative office or Taiwan foreign embassy/consulate
in the applicant’s country must be attached) and an official transcript of academic records in
Chinese or English (which must be certified with a stamp or embossed seal by the school
attended). Students who have not yet graduated must submit their diplomas when they report to
STUT; otherwise, their admission will be cancelled.

Jun 22, 2007