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Established in 1968. Upgraded in 1999. Renamed in 2006

History of FEU
Far East University, formerly Far East Junior College of Technology, was established in 1968. For almost forty years, it has overcome all possible difficulties and has developed firmly and steadily. In August, 1999, before the dawn of the new millennium, the school was promoted and officially renamed Far East College as Mr. Nai-Chang Wang was the President. To comply with the promotion and to help students develop wholesome character the former humanities and social science courses have been largely improved. The General Education Center of Far East College was thus established according to the organization of the school. In the year of 2004 and 2005, the school was evaluated by Education Department of Taiwan and was officially renamed Far East University as Dr. Yen-Zen Wang is the President. Then in August, 2006, the school was promoted and renamed Far East University.

Departments & Colleges
Currently there are 4 colleges including College of Engineering, College of Design, College of Commerce & Management, College of Hospitality and Leisure. There are 6 master degrees offered from Graduate Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Marketing & Supply Chain Management. There are 19 bachelor degrees offered from department of Mechanical Engineering, Automation & Control Engineering, Industrial Design, Materials and Energy Engineering, Computer Science & Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Optoelectronic Engineering, Management Information System, Business Administration, Industrial & Business Management, Marketing& Logistics Management, Digital Media Design and Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Creative Product Design, Applied Foreign Language, Tourism English, Food & Beverage Management, Cosmetic Applications & Management, Tourism Management, and Leisure & Sports Management.
1. Excellent performance:
l Cai, Bo-xin, FEU senior from Department of Business Administration, won the 2010 Outstanding Collegian Award.2010/3/27 27-Mar-2010
l FEU Teaching Center of Physical Education has been ranked topnotch from the College and Junior College Physical Education Evaluation in 2009.2010/2/23 23-Feb-2010
l FEU Office of Student Affairs has received three successive years of subsidies from the MOE Subsidy Directions for Student Affairs and Student Counseling Programs.2010/3/25 25-Mar-2010

l According to Global Views issued in December, 2009, FEU holds the No.1 position for the registration of 1049 patents in Taiwan.2009/12/28 28-Dec-2009
l FEU was ranked extraordinarily well from the statistics 2009/12/17 17-Dec-2009
l FEU won two gold medals, three silver medals, one bronze medal,and one special award from the 2009 Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF).2009/12/14 14-Dec-2009
l FEU won one gold medal, one silver medal, two bronze medals and the skill championship from the 2009 Cosmetic & Hairdressing Contest.2009/11/30 30-Nov-2009
l FEU won three gold medals, one bronze medal, and one special award from the 2009 International Trade Fair "Ideas-Inventions-New Products"(IENA).2009/11/12 12-Nov-2009
l FEU won one gold medal, three silver medals, and one special award from the 2009 British Invention Show. 2009/10/23 23-Oct-2009
l FEU won two gold medals, one silver medal, three bronze medals, and one special award from the 2009 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart. 2009/9/30 30-Sep-2009
l FEU has received more than 200,000,000 NT in grants from the Ministry of Education between 2006 and 2009 for the Excellent Teaching Program.2009/8/27 27-Aug-2009
l President Ma Ying-Jeou and Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-Pyng visited FEU to praise and encourage the accomplishments and warmhearted student aid.2009/6/18 18-Jun-2009
l FEU won two excellence awards and the best modeling award from the 2009 University Innovation Competition.2009/6/8 08-Jun-2009
l FEU won three gold medals, one silver medal, two bronze medals,and one special award from the 2009 Malaysia International Invention,Innovation and Technology Exhibition(ITEX).2009/5/21 21-May-2009
l FEU won one silver medal, three bronze medals, and one special award from the 2009 Korea International Woman Invention Exhibition in Seoul.2009/5/11 11-May-2009
l FEU won two gold medals, one silver medal, one bronze medal,and one special award from 2009 Geneva International Invention Exhibition in Switzerland. 2009/4/7
l FEU was ranked second from the 2009 Creativity Contest for Senior Service Industry.2009/12/28 28-Dec-2009
l FEU won the honor from the evaluation results of the 2008 Performance Study on University-Industry Collaborations.2009/12/16 16-Dec-2009
l FEU won the excellent innovative award from the 2009 Innovative Design Award in Sports Technology.2009/12/14 14-Dec-2009
l Zheng Chao-An, Liang Ting-Wei and Wu Shi-Xuan,FEU night school seniors from Department of Business Administration,won the championship from the 2009 University Marketing Competition.2009/6/8 08-Jun-2009
l Lai Ching-Shien, FEU graduate of Mechanical Graduate Institute,passed the doctoral program entrance examination of National Taiwan University.2009/5/11 13-May-2009
l The FEU softball team won the championship for the 2008 University Slow Pitch Softball Kun Shan Cup.2009/5/13 13-May-2009
l FEU holds the No.1 position for the registration of patents in 2008. 2009/3/6 06-Mar-2009
l FEU students of Department of Mechanical Engineering won the excellent award at the 2008 Innovation Contest of Energy Saving Products with reducing carbon. 2008/12/4 04-Dec-2008
l FEU was awarded the top prize and 2 million dollars by "Created in Taiwan", which was sponsored by Acer Foundation. 23-Oct-2008
l FEU won the award for the specific contribution to the industry at the Technology Development Program for Academia in 2008. 23-Oct-2008
l FEU won four gold medals, one silver medal, three bronze medals, and one special award from the 2008 International Invention Exhibition in Taipei. 23-Oct-2008
l CAPE No.7, directed by Wei Te-Shen,graduating from Dept. of Electrical Engineering in 1989, won the Grand Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival. 18-Sep-2008
l FEU has received 55,000,000 NT in grants from the Ministry of Education for having an Excellent Teaching Program. 18-Feb-2008
l The Colleges of Engineering and Commerce & Management were separately ranked first and second by UHIGH 2007 Entrepreneurship Workshop which was sponsored by Lien-Ho Foundation and National United University. 18-Feb-2008
l Excellence in Educational evaluation! Every department passed the evaluation and gained first grade status with the Ministry of Education.
l Excellence in Teaching! FEU received a grant of Teaching Excellence Project from the Ministry of Education in 2006.

2. The excellent education provided in Far East University has driven teachers and students to be devoted to all kinds of invention and research and has won them many domestic and international awards for their efforts and dedication.
Far East University is the first educational institute that wins the National Invention and Creation Award in Taiwan and it is well-known for applying its innovation-based education to students’ professional fields.
l FEU attended the 33rd (2005) and 34th (2006) “International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products”, and won 8 medals, including 3 gold medals (The first gold medal prize in educational circles in Taiwan), 3 silver medals, 4 bronze medals and 5 special awards.
l President Chen Awarded ”National Contribution to Invention and Creativity Award” (October 3, 2005)
l In 2005, FEU received one gold, two silver, and three bronze medals and three distinguished prizes in “International Invention Convention” held in Geneva, Switzerland.
3. Teachers and students’ performance in innovation is fruitful. FEU has won a double championship, “the patent application” and “the patent sanction”, among other national universities continuously for the last four years since 2003.
l FEU was ranked the top one in three consecutive years for Patent Approval of 139 patents among 168 patent application filed (announced in January, 2004 by Intellectual Property Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Republic of China).
l FEU tops all national universities and private colleges with 31 approved “Industry & Academics Cooperation Projects” (National Science Council, Republic of China 2005).
l In 2004, FEU ranked number one in among all colleges with 68 research grants approved by National Science Council. The number of approved research grants exceeds 9 Universities of Technology.
4. Far East University highly values students’ future career after graduation. The well-designed curriculum has received government –sponsored honor for many years.
l FEU ranked number 3 in the project entitled “Employment Academic Curriculum for University and College Students” with 13 proposals approved in 2005 (Council of Labor Affair, Executive Yuan, Republic of China).
l FEU in projects “Employment Curriculum for University and College Students” with 9 proposals approved in 2004 (Council of Labor Affair, Executive Yuan, Republic of China).
l FEU in projects “Employment Curriculum for University and College Students” with 6 proposals approved in 2003 (Council of Labor Affair, Executive Yuan, Republic of China).

Educational goals of FEU
1. Emphasize the quality and practicality of students’ life education.
2. Promote the effects of school education.
3. Value the hands-on skills.
4. Be highly engaged in the international exchange.
5. Strengthen the link between FEU and business and industry world.
6. Be devoted to the local development.

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