No. Subject Date
1 Korean Study Tour for 2018 FEU Freshmen! 23-Mar-2018
2 Congratulations! Best gift for FEU 50th Anniversary! FEU has received a NT 72.14 million dollar grant from the Ministry of Education for having the Higher Education Sprout Project. 27-Feb-2018
3 Congratulations! FEU has passed all the assessments of school affairs and departments from MOE in the 2017 school year. 27-Dec-2017
4 Congratulations! FEU has become a member of GLORIA (Global Research & Industry Alliance) of Ministry of Science and Technology, the only private university of science & technology in Taiwan. 17-Oct-2017
5 Congratulations! FEU teachers and students won one silver and two bronze medals, and three excellence awards from the 2017 Cross - Strait Youth Design Competition. 13-Oct-2017
6 Congratulations! FEU Innovation Incubation Center was awarded the 2017 Merit-Incubation-Center by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, (MOEA). 6-Oct-2017
7 Congratulations! FEU cooperative enterprises, Chen Ya Resources Technology Corp. and Reach Plastic, have received the 2017 Enterprise Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs for the “Leading Project to Entrepreneurship.” 2-Oct-2017
8 Congratulations! FEU won one championship, one first prize, and four second prizes from 2017 Undergraduates'' Application Ability and Professional English Cross-Strait Contest in Beijing. 11-Jul-2017
9 Congratulations! FEU won five Entrepreneurial Excellence awards within three years from FITI (From IP to IPO), which is sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology. 6-Jul-2017
10 Congratulations! FEU was awarded the third prize in the management group from the 2017 National Project Work Competition of Vocational and Technological College and University. 26-May-2017
11 Congratulations! FEU won five gold and one silver medal, and one special award from the 2017 Malaysia International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX). 16-May-2017
12 Congratulations! FEU won the 2017 excellence award for industry-university cooperation from Chinese Institute of Engineers. 16-May-2017
13 Congratulations! FEU, whose four works were all award-winning, won four gold medals and one special award from the 2017 Exhibition of Inventions Geneva-Palexpo. 7-Apr-2017
14 Congratulations! FEU has received a NT 49.5 million dollar grant from the Ministry of Education for having the Excellent Teaching Program in 2017. 7-Apr-2017
15 Congratulations! FEU has won one Grand Prize, one gold, four silver and two bronze medals from the 2016 Seoul International Invention Fair. 7-Dec-2016