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Korean Study Tour for 2018 FEU Freshmen!

Awards for 2018 Freshmen Enrollment!
All 2018 FEU Freshmen (only for daytime freshmen) are qualified to join the amazing Korean study tour!

Kaohsiung---> Incheon--->Seagull boat--->COMMON GROUND--->Namsan Park~Seoul Tower--->Love Lock Wall--->Octagonal Pavilion--->Insadong
Day 2
Kyungmin University(half a day)--->Lotte World
Day 3
Kyungmin University(half a day)--->DIY Korean Kimchi and wearing traditional Korean clothes---> Seaweed Museum---> Make-up city--->Shopping in Myeongdong
Day 4
Kyungmin University(half a day)---> Half-day free exercise~Tram taking: Subway-Hotel
Day 5
Local products & groceries store---> Incheon---> Kaohsiung

Jun 22, 2018